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Date Speaker Topic
Wed, Dec 13 2017 Przemysław Andrzej Wałęga Horn fragments of Halpern-Shoham logic: complexity vs expressiveness
Wed, Nov 22 2017 Maarten Löffler Pleaching Pencil-&-Paper Picture Puzzles
Mon, Nov 13 2017 Mohammad Farshi (Weakly) Self-approaching graphs
Mon, Nov 20 2017 Sasha Rubin Mini course: Milestones in solving games on graphs
Mon, Nov 13 2017 Piotr Skowron Approximating Optimal Social Choice under Metric Preferences
Mon, Oct 30 2017 Tamara Mchedlidze Application of the point-line duality principle in graph drawing
Fri, Oct 20 2017 Gerhard Woeginger Buffers, Buckets, and Overflows
Fri, Oct 20 2017 Francesco Scarcello Dealing with the Shapley Value: islands of tractability and useful tools
Wed, Oct 11 2017 Roman Prutkin Graph Embeddings Motivated by Greedy Routing
Fri, Sep 29 2017 Emilia Oikarinen Minimum-Width Confidence Bands via Constraint Optimization
Fri, Sep 29 2017 Matti Järvisalo The Implicit Hitting Set Approach and Preprocessing for Maximum Satisfiability Solving
Wed, Aug 23 2017 Iyad Kanj The complexity of tree partitioning
Wed, May 31 2017 Odile Papini Prioritized Assertional-Based Removed Sets Revision of DL-Lite Belief Bases
Wed, Mar 22 2017 Vladislav Ryzhikov and Michael Zakharyaschev Horn fragments of temporal logics and ontology-based access to temporal data
Tue, Feb 21 2017 Filippo Bonchi Full Abstraction for Signal Flow Graphs
Mon, Mar 06 2017 Danny Hermelin Fractals for Kernelization Lower Bounds
Thu, Feb 23 2017 Ondřej Kunčar CoCon: A Non-Leaking Conference System
Tue, Dec 06 2016 Rupak Majumdar [Software Testing] Hitting families of schedules
Mon, Nov 07 2016 Victor Dalmau Approximation of MIN CSP
Thu, Oct 27 2016 Johannes Kinder High System-Code Security with Low Overhead
Mon, Oct 24 2016 Tomáš Vojnar Abstraction Refinement and Antichains for Trace Inclusion of Infinite State Systems
Thu, Oct 20 2016 Evgenij Thorstensen Self join elimination and new notions of query containment
Tue, Sep 20 2016 Jörg Rothe Economics and Computation: Five Challenges in Algorithmic Game Theory, Computational Social Choice, and Fair Division
Thu, Jun 30 2016 Martin Schäf Classifying Bugs with Interpolants
Thu, Jun 23 2016 Igor Razgon Lower bounds for branching programs of bounded repetition computing CNFs of bounded treewidth: an overview
Thu, May 12 2016 Idit Keidar Transactional Data Structure Libraries
Tue, May 31 2016 Leslie Lamport A Mathematical View of Computer Systems – Q&A
Thu, Apr 28 2016 Tom van Dijk Workers in forests: developments in parallel decision diagrams
Tue, Apr 12 2016 Joseph Sifakis Rigorous System Design in BIP
Mon, Mar 14 2016 O-Joung Kwon Deletion problems regarding graphs of bounded rank-width
Tue, Mar 08 2016 Cliff B. Jones Reasoning about Interference (or Lack Thereof)
Thu, Mar 03 2016 Evgenia Ternovska An Algebra of Modular Systems
Tue, Feb 23 2016 Johannes Hölzl Markov chains and Markov decision processes in Isabelle/HOL
Thu, Feb 18 2016 Pierre Bourhis A Formal Study of Collaborative Access Control in Distributed Datalog
Tue, Feb 16 2016 Keren Censor-Hillel Distributed Algorithms as Combinatorial Structures
Mon, Feb 08 2016 Maria Gorinova Termination proving
Tue, Jan 12 2016 Martin Suda Resolution-based Methods for Linear Temporal Reasoning
Thu, Dec 10 2015 Sayan Mitra Automating invariant and progress proofs for distributed systems
Mon, Oct 12 2015 Bertrand Meyer A Theory of Programs
Tue, Oct 06 2015 Miroslav Truszczynski Abstract Perspectives on Modularity in Knowledge Representation
Tue, Sep 22 2015 Piero Bonatti DL^N: a utilitarian nonmonotonic description logic
Fri, Aug 14 2015 Alexey Ignatiev Efficient Model Based Diagnosis with Maximum Satisfiability
Fri, Aug 14 2015 Caterina Urban Abstract Interpretation as Automated Deduction
Tue, Aug 04 2015 Sarah Kirchner Appointment scheduling in hospitals - sequencing and scheduling using time aggregation
Tue, Aug 04 2015 Stephan Holzer New Algorithms and Lower Bounds in Distributed Computing
Tue, Jul 07 2015 Alexandru Popa Algorithmic and Hardness Results for the Colorful Components Problems
Thu, Jul 02 2015 Paolo Papotti Beyond declarative data cleaning
Mon, Jun 29 2015 Dana S. Scott Can Modalities Save Naive Set Theory?
Wed, Jul 08 2015 Peter Stadler Dynamic Programming for Lazy Bastards
Wed, Jun 24 2015 Wolfgang Gatterbauer The Linearization of Pairwise Markov Random Fields
Wed, Jun 10 2015 Tomas Vojnar From Pointers to List Containers
Thu, May 21 2015 András Vörös Saturation-based incremental LTL model checking with inductive proofs
Mon, May 18 2015 Wolfgang Dvorak Welfare Maximization with Friends-of-Friends Network Externalities
Wed, May 06 2015 Hubie Chen The Logic of Counting Query Answers: A Study via Existential Positive Queries
Thu, Apr 30 2015 Yoram Moses Principles of Coordination in Multi-agent Systems
Tue, Apr 28 2015 Neng-Fa Zhou The Picat Language and System
Mon, Apr 27 2015 Andrej Bauer An Introduction to Algebraic Effects and Handlers
Fri, Apr 24 2015 James Anderson Graph Decomposition for Large-Scale Dynamical System Analysis
Tue, Mar 24 2015 Hannes Strass Abstract Argumentation and Approximation Fixpoint Theory
Thu, Feb 19 2015 Roopsha Samanta Succinct Representation of Concurrent Trace Sets
Wed, Feb 18 2015 Iyad Kanj On Bounded-Degree Plane Geometric Spanners
Tue, Jan 27 2015 Helmut Seidl Parametric Strategy Iteration
Thu, Dec 18 2014 Gordon Cichon Formal Semantics of Synchronous Transfer Architecture
Thu, Dec 04 2014 Christian Scheideler Towards a rigorous base for the design of P2P systems
Thu, Nov 27 2014 Pavithra Prabhakar Algorithmic Verification of Stability of Hybrid Systems
Thu, Nov 27 2014 Lenore D. Zuck Parameterized Verification: Theory and Practice
Thu, Nov 20 2014 Nathan Wasser Abstraction On-Demand: Automatically Generating Invariants for Loops and Recursive Method Calls
Mon, Nov 24 2014 Vinay K. Chaudhri An Architecture for Intelligence Using Prototypes, Composition and Analogy
Wed, Oct 08 2014 Stefan Mengel Understanding model counting for beta-acyclic CNF-formulas
Thu, Oct 09 2014 Johann A. Makowsky Sets and Logic for CS: How to teach what is useful
Mon, Oct 27 2014 Marco Maratea Multi-Engine Answer Set Programming
Tue, Sep 30 2014 M. S. Ramanujan Solving d-SAT via backdoors to small treewidth
Tue, Sep 30 2014 Ringo Baumann Context-free and Context-sensitive Kernels: Update and Deletion Equivalence in Abstract Argumentation
Mon, Jul 28 2014 EunJung Kim A parameterized algorithm for tree-cut width.
Mon, Jul 14 2014 Jeff Z. Pan Approximate Reasoning for Description Logics based Ontologies
Thu, Jul 10 2014 Sebastian Ordyniak A more general approach for Backdoor Sets into SAT and CSP
Tue, Jul 08 2014 A linear-time algorithm for the orbit problem over cyclic groups
Thu, Jun 12 2014 Gábor Erdélyi Algorithms and Elections
Wed, Jun 04 2014 Massimiliano Giacomin An input/output characterization of abstract argumentation frameworks and semantics
Thu, May 08 2014 Jakob Lechner Mitigation of Transient Faults and Timing Variations in GALS Circuits
Tue, Mar 25 2014 Son Cao Tran Combining ASP and Prolog
Mon, Mar 03 2014 M. S. Ramanujan Parameterized Algorithms to Preserve Connectivity
Wed, Jan 08 2014 Matthias Mnich A Complexity Dichotomy for the Steiner Multicut Problem
Thu, Jan 09 2014 Franz Wotawa Test automation – How far shall we go?
Tue, Dec 17 2013 Adam Rogalewicz The Tree Width of Separation Logic with Recursive Definitions
Thu, Dec 05 2013 Mira Mezini From Active to Reactive Objects
Fri, Dec 06 2013 Explicit State Model Checking with DIVINE
Wed, Nov 27 2013 George Metcalfe Proof Theory for Lattice-Ordered Groups
Wed, Nov 20 2013 Esko Turunen Pavelka style fuzzy logic over Chang's MV-algebra
Thu, Nov 14 2013 Alfons Laarman Multi-Core Model Checking
Mon, Nov 11 2013 Pedro Calabar Setting the stage for ASP functions
Thu, Nov 07 2013 Aniello Murano Enriched Modal Logics
Mon, Oct 21 2013 Meghyn Bienvenu Inconsistency-tolerant semantics for ontology-based data access
Wed, Sep 18 2013 Sicun Gao Delta-Decisions over the Reals
Fri, Sep 27 2013 Chao Wang Symbolic Predictive Analysis for Improving the Reliability and Security of Concurrent Software
Fri, Sep 06 2013 Kewen Wang Phase Transition in Answer Set Programming
Thu, Aug 29 2013 Christoph Haase Graph-Based Approaches to Reasoning in Separation Logic
Wed, Aug 21 2013 Iyad Kanj On the Ordered List Subgraph Embedding Problems
Wed, Aug 14 2013 Borzoo Bonakdarpou Automated synthesis of Fault-tolerant Distributed Algorithms
Wed, Jun 26 2013 Johann A. Makowsky Characterizing word functions recognized by weighted automata
Fri, Jun 14 2013 Joel Ouaknine A Survey of Classical and Real-Time Verification
Tue, Jun 04 2013 Christoph Weidenbach The Design of Automated Reasoning Systems
Thu, May 23 2013 Alexey Gotsman Abstraction for Weakly Consistent Systems
Thu, May 23 2013 Doron Peled Concurrent Software Synthesis: Old Challenge - New Ideas
Thu, May 16 2013 Donald Knuth All questions answered
Thu, Apr 18 2013 Peter Robinson Sublinear Bounds for Randomized Leader Election
Mon, Apr 15 2013 Andre Platzer How to Prove Your Robot Safe
Mon, Apr 22 2013 Hubie Chen Meditations on Quantified Constraint Satisfaction
Thu, Apr 11 2013 Wilfried Steiner Model-Checking Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization Protocols
Thu, Mar 07 2013 Reiner Hähnle Abstract Symbolic Execution
Thu, Mar 28 2013 Torsten Schaub Potassco, the Potsdam Answer Set Solving Collection.
Mon, Feb 25 2013 EunJung Kim Linear kernels and single-exponential algorithms via protrusion decompositions
Thu, Feb 21 2013 Diego Calvanese Verification of Relational Data-Centric Dynamic Systems with External Services
Tue, Mar 05 2013 Pietro Baroni Abstract argumentation semantics: from limits to perspectives
Mon, Feb 25 2013 Loris Bozzato CKR: a general framework for context in Semantic Web
Wed, Jan 30 2013 Samanta Roopsha Robustness Analysis of Networked Systems
Thu, Jan 31 2013 Javier Esparza Parameterized Verification of Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems
Thu, Jan 17 2013 Alexander Pretschner Model-Based Security Testing: From Models to the Real World
Thu, Dec 13 2012 Andrey Rybalchenko Program verification as constraint solving (also for existential and universal CTL properties)
Thu, Nov 29 2012 Tomer Kotek Applications of logic in graph theory: definability of graph invariants
Tue, Nov 20 2012 Madalina Erascu Computational Logic and Quantifier Elimination Techniques for (Semi-)automatic Static Analysis and Synthesis of Algorithms
Thu, Jan 01 1970 Christoph Lenzen Fast Routing Table Construction Using Small Messages
Thu, Nov 15 2012 Miroslaw Truszczynski Connecting first-order ASP and the logic FO(ID) through reducts
Mon, Nov 05 2012 James Delgrande Revising Horn Theories
Mon, Oct 22 2012 Andreas Griesmayer Model checking Business Processes with Multi-Agent Systems
Tue, Oct 16 2012 Leonid Libkin Graph Logics and Relations on Words
Tue, Oct 02 2012 Robert Ganian Generalizing vertex cover as a graph parameter
Tue, Sep 04 2012 Xavier Rival MemCAD, a Modular Abstract Domain for Reasoning on Memory States
Tue, Aug 28 2012 Workshop on Logic and Algebra
Mon, Aug 13 2012 Florent Madelaine On the complexity of the model checking problem for syntactic fragments of first-order logic
Mon, Jun 25 2012 Iyad Kanj What makes normalized weighted satisfiability tractable
Fri, Jun 22 2012 Ruslan L. Smeliansky Computer Systems Laboratory – Skills, Experience, Main Research Directions
Wed, Jun 20 2012 Werner Dietl Verification Games: Making Verification Fun
Thu, Jun 14 2012 Ana Sokolova Quantitative Relaxation of Concurrent Data Structure
Fri, Jun 01 2012 Vladimir Zakharov Automata-theoretic approach to the equivalence checking problem for sequential programs
Thu, May 31 2012 Vladimir Zakharov Equivalence Checking Problem: 1953 - 2011 (survey)
Wed, Jun 06 2012 Stefan Szeider Mini-Workshop on Logic, Proofs and Algorithms
Wed, May 30 2012 Nikolaj Bjorner Taking Satisfiability to the Next Level with Z3
Fri, May 25 2012 Byron Cook A New Approach to Temporal Property Verification
Wed, May 30 2012 Justyna Petke On the bridge between Constraint Satisfaction and Boolean Satisfiability
Mon, May 21 2012 Neeldhara Misra From FVS to F-deletion: the Story of a Simple Algorithm
Mon, May 07 2012 Hubie Chen Decomposing First-Order Logic
Thu, Apr 26 2012 Christoph Lenzen Improved Bounds for Byzantine Self-stabilizing Clock Synchronization
Fri, May 04 2012 Concepts and Meaning -- Workshop in honour of Alexander Leitsch's 60th Birthday
Tue, Apr 24 2012 Meghyn Bienvenu On the compexity of querying data through ontologies
Fri, Apr 13 2012 TUTORIAL: Social Choice - problems, results, tools and recent extensions
Fri, Mar 23 2012 Simone Bova Expression Complexity of Conjunctive Queries
Wed, Mar 28 2012 Giorgio Levi Abstract interpretation: from theory to applications
Thu, Mar 15 2012 Jasmin Fisher From Coding the Genome to Algorithms Decoding Life
Thu, Mar 08 2012 Laura Kovacs Playing in the Grey Area of Proofs
Thu, Mar 08 2012 Ana Sokolova Course on Coalgebra in Computer Science
Mon, Mar 12 2012 Johannes Fürnkranz Course on Inductive Rule Learning
Tue, Feb 21 2012 Daniel Paulusma Lift Contractions
Mon, Feb 13 2012 Olga Tveretina Relative Efficiency of Propositional Proof Systems Based on Resolution and OBDDs
Wed, Jan 25 2012 Edmund M. Clarke 30 Years of Model Checking
Wed, Jan 25 2012 Joao Marques-Silva Practical Algorithms for Minimal Unsatisfiable Core Extraction
Wed, Jan 25 2012 Georg Weissenbacher Battling Bugs with Interpolants
Wed, Jan 25 2012 Fedor V. Fomin Kernelization Algorithms
Wed, Jan 25 2012 Thomas A. Henzinger Formal Specification and Verification of Markovian Population Models
Tue, Jan 10 2012 Moritz Müller On lower bounds for Res(k)
Sat, Sep 03 2011 Daniel Lokshtanov Generalization and Specialization of Kernelization
Fri, Sep 02 2011 Anders Yeo Simultaneously Satisfying Linear Equations Over F_2: Parameterized Above Average
Fri, Sep 02 2011 Pierre Marquis A Few Words about Knowledge Compilation
Sat, Sep 03 2011 Bart Jansen Kernelization for a Hierarchy of Structural Parameters
Sun, Sep 04 2011 Michael R. Fellows Kernelization and the Larger Picture of Practical Algorithmics, in Contemporary Context
Sat, Sep 03 2011 Sourav Chakraborty Property Testing: Sublinear Algorithms for Promise Problems
Fri, Sep 02 2011 Armin Biere Preprocessing and Inprocessing Techniques in SAT
Fri, Sep 02 2011 Fedor V. Fomin Protrusions in graphs and their applications