Ana Sokolova

Course on Coalgebra in Computer Science

Ana Sokolova from the University of Salzburg will be visiting as a guest lecturer for the course "Coalgebra in Computer Science".

DATE:Thursday, March 8, 2012 – Thursday, June 28, 2012
TIME:14:00 – 16:00
VENUE:Seminar room Gödel / von Neumann


The goal is to get acquainted with the theory of coalgebra and its use in computer science. Also, along the way, the students will get to know some category theory notions that are needed for basic constructions and results in coalgebra. The course is meant for computer science students (possibly also some mathematics students) interested in computer science theory. If you are a student interested in formal methods, concurrency theory, and/or automata, and/or you always wondered what is category theory good for, then this may be the right course for you.


The theory of coalgebra is a relatively recent (20 years old) unifying theory at the abstract end of formal methods. It is a (one could say "the") theory of dynamic systems, of states and observations. Coalgebras allow for a uniform treatment of many different types of automata (e.g. deterministic, nondeterministic, probabilistic, and weighted), their behavior, and their corresponding modal logics. These topics will be covered within the course.


Dates, registration and further details in TISS.

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