Women in Logic

Since 2018, the VCLA has been contributing to the Women in Logic Workshop series of workshops which follow the pattern of meetings such as Women in Machine Learning or Women in Engineering that have been taking place for quite some years. The workshop series which is part of the annual ACM/IEEE Symposiums on Logic in Computer Science (LICS) aims to offer opportunity for women in the LICS community (Logic in Computer Science) to increase awareness of one another and one another’s work, and to combat the feeling of isolation which can hinder especially the career development of early-career academics.

The most visible effort to support the junior colleagues in the community are the annual ACM SIGLOG/VCLA Travel Awards, which support the female and male presenters at the Women in Logic workshops all around the world.


The report on the 2nd Women in Logic Workshop in featured in the SIGLOG Newsletter January 2019 here.


4th Women in Logic Workshop 2020 (June 2020, Paris, France)

3rd Women in Logic Workshop 2019 (July 2019, Vancouver, Canada)

2nd Women in Logic Workshop 2018 (July 2018, Oxford, United Kingdom)

1st Women in Logic Workshop 2017 (June 2017, Reykjavik, Iceland)