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Studying @ TU Wien

TU Wien has a city campus which occupies a large number of buildings in the historic center of Vienna. Located at Karlsplatz, a main hub for public transport in the city, it is surrounded by cultural hot-spots such as Vienna State OperaSecessionMusikvereinKunsthalle and many more. The adjacent museums quarter, the artsy Freihaus Viertel with many cafes and galleries, and the vast grocery market Naschmarkt with a large variety of international food add to the location’s attractiveness.


Employment Conditions
Our doctoral students will be employed as researchers in a full-time contract for the duration of 4 years and  are thus subject to all national employment laws in terms of equal status act, disability act, etc.
At present, the gross annual income will be EUR 41.601,00 (net EUR 28.991,35 per year) and increases to: EUR 49.317,80 in the 4th year. The salary is determined by the collective bargaining agreement.
Here you can calculate your annual and monthly income after Austrian tax deductions.
Austria has a compulsory social security system, which provides accident and health insurance as well as retirement and social benefits. All students and their family are insured with the Versicherung ¨Öffentlich Bediensteter, Eisenbahnen und Bergbau ( Pension contributions/retirement benefits are regulated by the Social Security Act (ASVG).
An official employment with the university will enable the students to benefit from the recently improved legal situation in Austria, i.e. they will be eligible for work visas after graduation, and their spouses get work visas right away.

TU Wien offers many benefits to its staff including a program of continuing education, company benefits, workplace health promotion, a company kindergarten, a day-care and much more.
Moreover, the EURAXESS meeting point Vienna and the Marie Curie Alumni association “Austrian Chapter” also provide social support for our researchers.

For more detailed information on visa, insurance, tuition fees, scholarships, dual career advice and relocation support please visit our TU Virtual Welcome Center as well as our International Office.


Logic in Vienna

Logic in Vienna has a long tradition which traces back to medieval times: the first rector of the University of Vienna (and paramount in the founding of the university) was the well-known scholastic logician Albert of Saxony. Also, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who was very influential for the development of modern abstract logic and a visionary towards the idea of automated deduction (“Calculemus!”), spent several years in Vienna.

And, of course, the development of modern logic in the early years of the twentieth century was highly influenced by people who were either born in Vienna or worked there at that time; these include Ludwig WittgensteinKurt Gödel, and Rudolf Carnap. In fact, the role of logic in science was highlighted by the so-called Vienna Circle, which was an association of philosophers, mathematicians, and other scientists (to which Carnap belonged), promoting the idea of logical positivism.

Also, the Vienna born philosopher Sir Karl Popper is well known for his contributions to the theory of science, in which logic plays a crucial role. Today, Vienna is again an internationally leading center of research in logic.


Living in Vienna

A beautiful city in the heart of Europe

Continually ranked no. 1 in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey

Enjoy the Viennese Coffee Houses listed as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by the UNESCO

Find out about the notorious “Wiener Schmäh” (Viennese charm)


Vienna at Night, Credits: Pixabay/Julius Silver




Useful links and information


General Information

University of Vienna Sport Institute (sport courses for students)

Weather Forecast Vienna

Wiener Linien (Public transportation)

ÖBB (Austrian railway)


Housing (platform for student jobs and flats/rooms in Vienna) (platform for flats in Vienna)

list of student dorms in Vienna

home4students (provider of student dorms in Vienna)

ÖJAB (provider of student dorms in Vienna)

Please note that if you find a flat through an agency you have to pay a fee which can be up to 3 monthly rents.


Where to eat?

Where to eat? (platform containing all restaurants of Vienna)

Viennese wine & Heurige (information about the Heurigen of Vienna)

Some restaurants close to the university:


Going out & having a drink

Arena (event & concert location)

Badeschiff Wien (club)

Charlie P’s (Irish pub)

Chelsea (club & concert location)

Flex (club & concert location)

Fluc (club)

Four Bells (Irish pub; close to TU)

Museumsquartier (many bars, event location)

Passage (club)

Porgy & Bess (jazz club & concert location)

Pratersauna (club)

U4 (club)

Volksgarten (club)

WUK (cultural & concert location)




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