Olivia Erdélyi

Why Bother With Regulation and Ethics? We Just Develop the Technology...

Database and Artificial Intelligence Group hosted a talk by Olivia Erdélyi

DATE:Tuesday, June 25, 2019
TIME:13:00 c.t.
VENUE:Seminar Room Gödel, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, Ground Floor, (HB EG 10)


As member of AIGO—the OECD AI expert group that was tasked to develop the OECD’s new AI principles, which constitute the first international standards on AI, Olivia has been actively participating in international policy debates concerning AI. Having worked with the European Commission on European financial services regulation, she also has substantial policy experience in the field of financial regulation.

The main focus of Olivia's research is on setting up a robust international AI regulatory governance framework and develop responsible AI policies to make sure AI is beneficial rather than detrimental to humanity. While AI technologies and considerations around their regulatory treatment are relatively new phenomena, most of the problems we are facing are well known and common for all forms of technological innovation and globally relevant issue areas like financial regulation, climate change, trade, and many others.

Her talk will delve into these problems, in particular address how technological innovation affects society and highlight difficulties around AI regulation and multi-disciplinary/stakeholder collaboration. It may also touch upon the link between AI and financial regulation, especially FinTech, as this ties in with TU Wien’s research focus on Knowledge Graphs. Knowledge Graphs of banks and other financial organizations bring together the knowledge obtained through (machine learning-based or logic-based) AI methods and the knowledge obtained from financial regulations.

Olivia Erdélyi, University of Canterbury

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