Neng-Fa Zhou

The Picat Language and System

VCLA and WPI hosted a talk by Neng-Fa Zhou on April 28, 2015.

DATE:Tuesday, April 28, 2015
VENUE:Seminar room von Neumann, Favoritentstraße 9-11, 1040 Vienna


Picat ( is a new logic-based multi-paradigm programming language that integrates logic programming, functional programming, dynamic programming with tabling, and scripting. The support of explicit unification, explicit non-determinism, tabling, and constraints makes Picat more suitable than functional (such as Haskell and F#) and scripting languages (such as Python and Ruby) for symbolic computations. Picat provides facilities for solving combinatorial search problems, including solver modules that are based on CP (constraint programming), SAT (propositional satisfiability), and MIP (mixed integer programming), and a module for planning that is implemented by the use of tabling. This talk will give an overview of the Picat language and the underlying techniques used in the Picat system.

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