Massimiliano Giacomin

An input/output characterization of abstract argumentation frameworks and semantics

The VCLA and WPI will host a talk by Massimiliano Giacomin on June 4, 2014.

DATE:Wednesday, June 4, 2014
VENUE:Seminar room 187/2 (Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 2nd floor)


This talk considers the decomposition of a Dung's argumentation framework into an arbitrary set of interacting components characterized by an Input/Output behavior. First, a suite of decomposability properties will be introduced, concerning the correspondence between semantics outcomes at global and local level. The satisfaction of these properties, considering more or less constrained ways of partitioning an argumentation framework, will be discussed for admissible, complete, stable, grounded, preferred, ideal and semi-stable semantics. Second, the talk will introduce the notion of argumentation multipole, inspired from the field of digital logic, as a general way to represent a modular component. On the basis of the semantics-specific input/output behavior of argumentation multipoles, different legitimacy properties of a replacement between multipoles can be introduced. Correspondingly, a semantics can be considered transparent if a legitimate replacement does not affect the evaluation of the arguments not involved by the replacement. The transparency properties of the above mentioned semantics will be outlined. Finally, the input/output characterization of argumentation semantics suggests a correspondence with abstract dialectical frameworks, a recent generalization of Dung's argumentation frameworks. Some interesting directions for further research will be presented in this respect. With kind support of the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) and Wofgang Pauli Instiut (WPI).

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