Workshop on Logic and Algebra

Workshop on Logic and Algebra

The workshop on logic and algebra is organized by Agata Ciabattoni and funded by the VCLA, the Kurt Goedel Society and FWF (START-prize).

DATE:Tuesday, August 28, 2012
VENUE:Seminar room Goedel, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, 1040 Vienna


Matthias Baaz (Vienna)

Petr Cintula (Prague, Czech Republic)

Nikolaos Galatos (Denver, US)

Rostislav Horcik (Prague, Czech Republic)

Kazushige Terui (Kyoto, Japan)

Anna Zamansky (Vienna)



11:00-11:30    Nikolaos Galatos The variety of l-groups is generated by Aut(R): a proof-theoretic argument

11:30-12:00   Matthias Baaz Satisfiability in Goedel logics

12:10-12:40   Rostislav Horcik    The algebraic proof of FEP for residuated groupoids

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14:30-15:00  Kazushige Terui  Herbrand’s theorem via nonregular completions

15:00-15:30   Anna Zamansky   Applications of non-determinism in proof-theory

15:40-16:10    Petr Cintula   MP-based substructural logics

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