Davide Grossi

Credulous Acceptability, Poison Games and Modal Logic

VCLA hosted a talk by Davide Grossi

DATE:Wednesday, November 6, 2019
TIME:16:30 s.t.
VENUE:Seminar Room Gödel, Favoritenstrasse 9-11, Ground Floor, (HB EG 10)


In this talk I will draw some novel interfaces between abstract argumentation, the theory of games played on graphs, and modal logic. A key decision problem in abstract argumentation is to determine whether a given framework contains a non-empty admissible set (that is, whether it contains credulously acceptable arguments). This decision problem has an elegant operationalisation in the form of a game known in the graph theory literature as ‘poison game’. The game, in turn, defines in a natural way a novel modal logic, which I call ‘poison modal logic’.


The logic is expressive enough to capture the notion of credulous acceptability. I will report on results concerning the model theory of such logic, its satisfiability problem, and its links with hybrid logics and related systems.


This is joint work with Simon Rey (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Amsterdam).

Davide Grossi, University of Groningen

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