Chinese-Austrian Workshop: Parameterised Algorithms and Fixed-parameter Tractability

DATE:Saturday, August 10, 2019
VENUE:Library of the Algorithms and Complexity Group, HB 04 08 (Favoritenstrasse 9-11)

This mini-workshop had the purpose of connecting Chinese and Austrian scientists who work on parameterised algorithms and fixed-parameter tractability. The workshop comprised of five talks as well as discussions of recent research trends and ideas.


  • Jianer Chen (Guangzhou University): Progresses in Algorithmic Research on the Maximum Agreement Forest Problem
  • Yixin Cao (Hong Kong Polytech. U.): Enumeration of Maximal Induced Subgraphs
  • Friedrich Slivovsky (TU Wien): Recent Trends in QBF Solving
  • Stefan Szeider (TU Wien): Computing Graph and Hypergraph Width-Parameters
  • Robert Ganian (TU Wien): The Power of Cut-Based Parameters for Edge Disjoint Paths

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