DigiEduHack – 24h Hackathon 4 Good Artificial Intelligence

DATE:Thursday, October 3, 2019 – Friday, October 4, 2019

In a 24hours challenge the pupils developed ideas for a chatbot which can help with recycling, choosing alternative ways to work and schools, or even reduce your carbon footprint.

On 3rd of October, the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms of TU Wien organized a 24hours long virtual hackathon part of DigiEduHack, happening simultaneously in Europe, Africa, Asia, South, and North America, bringing participants together from all over the world. Hackathon for Good AI is not only about programming skills – it encompasses the drive of TU Wien – a reflection on the usage of the technology, which we are co-creating.

In this DigiEduHack activity, the pupils´ ages 14-17 from EduDigiHack participating countries have had the chance to solve real challenges and connect fostering of digital skills with a reflection on the sustainability issues of the modern world. The task was to design a chatbot programmed in Scratch, which is open access programming language on a desktop-based programming interface. Out of 31 registrations the jury chose three winners, which will receive the cash prizes from the award fund of EUR 500.

1st place: GreenLight Chatbot from HTL Ottakring

2nd place: Kevin the helpful recycle AI from HTL Wiener Neustadt

3rd place: HTLHack Chatbot from HTL Wiener Neustadt


The jury members agreed that the impact of a good solution is twofold. Firstly, by participating in this challenge the pupils will need to inform themselves about the sustainability issues in production, consumption, and disposal of goods, energy, and food. By doing so they will become more mindful of the complexity of the system and perhaps they will even discover a new passion! Secondly, a good solution can be used by the participants´ friends or family to help them figure out how to introduce sustainable solutions in their everyday life.

The jury members were:

  • Martin Lackner, PostDoc Researcher in Databases and Artificial Intelligence Group of Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien
  • Neha Lodha, an Alumna of TU Wien, now Robotic Process Automation Specialist at Mondi
  • Revantha Ramanayake, PostDoc researcher in Theory and Logic Group of Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien
The Digital Education Hackathon (#DigiEduHack) is an EIT project funded by the European Commission under the Digital Education Action Plan. This initiative is led by EIT Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University. Other KICs involved are EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT RawMaterials, and EIT Food. More than 50 organizations in Europe and beyond have volunteered to host 2500+ participants for this 24-hour hackathon.
Project ADA
The activity is part of project ADA run by VCLA at the Faculty of Informatics of TU Wien and encompasses also an Austrian version of the hackathon part of Europe Code Week “HAckathon für gute KI”.  The project ADA will run for the next three years and is funded by the Vienna Business Agency and BMVIT. More on project ADA here


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