Hackathon #4GoodAI 2022 Winners Announced!

The winners of the 4th edition of our popular “Hackathon #4GoodAI” have been announced on ada.wien.

From 2nd to 16th March pupils from all over Austria participated in creating a chatbot with Scratch (or a different programming language) on the topic of “Fake News”. The chatbot should help family and friends to recognize and expose fake news.

In the end the jury (special thanks to Barbara Buchegger, Jiehua Chen, Agata Ciabattoni, Jan Dreier, Stefan Szeider) had the difficult task to choose the worthy winners between all 26 submissions. And (drum roll) – here are the winning teams from Vienna, Tyrol, Upper Austria and Lower Austria:


  1. Platz (Oberstufe): Team 1bk Superstars

Handelsakademie und Handelsschule Ybbs


  1. Platz (Oberstufe): Team SyntaxError

Wiedner Gymnasium & Rainergymnasium (Wien)


  1. Platz (Oberstufe): Team JA!

Sir-Karl-Popper-Schule & HTL Mödling


  1. Platz (Unterstufe): Team Orang-Utans

Schulzentrum Friesgasse


  1. Platz (Unterstufe): Team Intelligentbot

Schule für IT | Schulen des BFI Wien


  1. Platz (Unterstufe): Borg-Telfs Team 1

Bundesrealgymnasium und -oberstufenrealgymnasium Telfs

  1. Platz (Unterstufe): Borg-Telfs Team 3

Bundesrealgymnasium und -oberstufenrealgymnasium Telfs

(Do not forget to visit ada.wien and click on the links to see the Scratch videos)


The prize money of 4.000 € for the three best teams in the two categories “Oberstufe” and “Unterstufe” is funded by the Bundesministerium für Klimaschutz, Umwelt, Energie, Mobilität, Innovation und Technologie.

Please visit our project ADA Website for more information about the virtual Hackathon and the chatbot creations of last years winning teams.

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