Three LogiCS Alumni receive prestigous Hertha Firnberg Fellowship

Three post-doc researchers from the Institute of Logic and Computation and all of them graduates of our LogiCS doctoral program (funded by the FWF, run jointly by TU Wien, Graz University of Technology and JKU Linz) received the prestigious Hertha Firnberg Fellowship Grant for highly qualified female scientists.

About the Hertha Firnberg Programme

The main goal of the Hertha Firnberg Programme of the Austrian Science Fund FWF  is to support highly qualified female post-doc researchers at the beginning of their scientific careers.

The Recipients and their Projects

Shqiponja Ahmetaj

Shqiponja from our research unit Databases and Artificial Intelligence presented her project “Foundations of Reasoning in the Shape Constraint Language”.

Katalin Fazekas

Katalin from our research unit Formal Methods in Systems Engineering introduced her project on “Incremental SAT and SMT Reasoning for Scalable Verification”

Zeynep G. Saribatur

Zeynep who is also a member of our research unit Databases and Artificial Intelligence submitted her project “AURA – Abstraction for Understandability of Reasoning in AI”.


More Information @ TU Wien Informatics


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