A Lecture on Algorithms at the Austrian Parliament

As part of the TU Wien collaboration “Digitale Kompetenzen@Parlament”, several exclusive lectures by TU Wien Informatics top computer scientists will be held for Members of the Austrian Parliament.

The course consists of six teaching units, held from mid-June to September 2021 and includes the following topics:
– Computer Science: Basics
– Algorithms
– Data Management and Analysis
– IT Security
– Digital Economy
– Digital Humanism
According to the course program, “upon entering the course, it is essential to understand that computer science is about information processing and not computers. During a workshop, including a visit to a TU Wien eduLAB exhibition, participants learn about different methods of information processing and are able to understand and apply fundamental concepts of computer science. The possibilities and limitations of information processing will be reflected and recognized during the closer examination of the subject matter.”
“Algorithms” was the main topic of the first regular lecture on  June 15, held by VCLA co-chair Stefan Szeider and Martin Kronegger at the Austrian Parliament, in the Redoutensaal of Hofburg Vienna.

VCLA Co-Chair Stefan Szeider at the Austrian Parliament

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