L’Oréal scholarship “Women in Science” for logician Anela Lolic

Alumna of FWF funded doctoral college LogiCS

“That’s logical,” we say when we think something is perfectly obvious. But modern logic is much more than dealing with such statements. With the help of special rules, even highly complex logical statements can be written down as a formula – for example, to represent our natural language in a mathematical-formal language. Anela Lolic from the Institute for Logic and Computation at the TU Wien deals with such mathematical-logical tasks. As a PostDoc, she is now starting a research project funded by an L’Oréal scholarship.

Anela Lolic first studied computer science at the JKU Linz, after her bachelor studies she moved to the TU Wien, where she graduated with distinction in 2015. Her dissertation, which she will soon complete, is about the automatic analysis of logical proofs, under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Leitsch (Institute for Logic and Computation) and Prof. Matthias Baaz (Institute for Discrete Mathematics and Geometry), and is part of FWF funded doctoral college LogiCS, run jointly by TU Wien, TU Graz and JKU Linz.

The L’Oréal fellowship is not the only prize Anela Lolic has received so far: She has also received the Distinguished Young Alumna Award from the Faculty of Computer Science, the Erwin Wenzl Recognition Award and a DOC Fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

L’Oréal Scholarships “Women in Science”

Since 2007, the scholarships have been awarded annually by the Austrian subsidiary of the French cosmetics group L’Oreal in cooperation with the Austrian UNESCO Commission and the Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and co-financed by the Ministry of Science. To date, 50 young female researchers in Austria have been supported in this context. The prizes are intended to “make it easier for promising female talents to start a scientific career and create role models to encourage other women with scientific ambitions,” says L’Oreal. Women are still “underrepresented in leading scientific positions in Austria”. The scholarship is limited to a period of 6-12 months and endowed with 25,000 euros.

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