Thomas Eiter and Peter Schüller lead “Artificial Intelligence for the European Union – AI4EU” at TU Wien

The pan-European project funded with €20 million connecting 79 partners from 21 countries

The AI4EU consortium aims to develop an European AI-On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem which will provide access to relevant AI resources in the EU for all users. The platform will act as a knowledge broker, developer and one-stop shop providing and showcasing services, expertise, algorithms, software frameworks, development tools, components, modules, data, computing resources, prototyping functions and access to funding.

The project AI4EU intends to lower barriers to innovation, boost technology transfer, and catalyse the growth of start-ups and SMEs in all sectors. The role of the TU Wien is to take on leading roles in two work packages: “on the more applied side we will collaborate with Siemens and Fraunhofer Germany to create a pilot application “AI-Driven Digital Companion for Production Facility”, and on the more theoretical side we will work together with Orebro University to develop novel techniques for Integrative AI” says the lead of the project at TU Wien, Dr. Schüller.

Artificial Intelligence has been described as the most strategic technology of the 21st century data economy, fueled by the growth in computing power, availability of data and progress in algorithms. To rip the benefits of the European free flow of data and knowledge, bold investments in the AI landscape are needed in order to secure EU position in the competitive AI landscape. Furthermore, due to the digital transformation in the way how we work, innovate and educate, all Europeans should have an opportunity to aquire the skills they need.

With a kick-off meeting in January 2019 the 3-years project financed though the H2020 program of the European Commission is paving the way for implementation of the Europe’s AI strategy. The project consists out of eight industry-driven AI pilots, which will demonstrate the value of the AI-on-demand platform as a technological innovation tool. The pilots and research will showcase how AI4EU can stimulate scientific discovery and technological innovation. The AI4EU Ethics Observatory will be established to ensure the respect of human centred AI values. Sustainability will be ensured via the creation of the AI4EU Foundation. The results will feed a new and comprehensive Strategic Research Innovation Agenda for Europe.

In the media

April, 2019
Industriemagazin (s.78-80)
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February 22, 2019
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