Stefan Woltran elected EurAI-Fellow

European Association for Artificial Intelligence – EurAI recognition

Prof. Woltran is a faculty member of LogiCS Doctoral College. In his research he is  applying various methods of formal logic to solve questions in the field of artificial intelligence techniques.

EurAI (formerly ECCAI) was established in July 1982 as a representative body for the European Artificial Intelligence community. Its aim is to promote the study, research and application of Artificial Intelligence in Europe. The EurAI Fellows programme recognises European AI researchers who have made exceptional contributions to the field. This year, the prestigious “EurAi-Fellow” titles were presented at the Ijcai-Ecai-18 conference in Stockholm. Prof. Woltran´s website here.

Talks at IJCAI/ECAI 2018

Check out the 16 papers which were presented at IJCAI / ECAI 2018 by the research groups hosting Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms at TU Wien – VCLA here.

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