Helmut Veith Stipend for Female Master´s Students (Deadline November 30)

Are you planning or already pursuing your master degree in the field of computer science at TU Wien? Invited to apply for the annually awarded Helmut Veith Stipend.

The stipend is dedicated to the memory of an outstanding computer scientist who worked in the fields of logic in computer science, computer-aided verification, software engineering, and computer security. Students who are awarded the Helmut Veith Stipend, re¬ceive EUR 6000 annually for a duration of up to two years. In ad¬dition, all tuition fees are waived. Recipients of funding must demonstrate good progress during their studies and will have to reside in Austria during term time for the duration of their studies.


Students who meet the following conditions are eligible to apply:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics (Bologna first cy¬cle) or equivalent degree
  • Extensive knowledge and interest in (at least one) of the following areas: Logic in Computer Science
    -Formal Methods and Verification
    -Computer Security
    -Algorithms and Complexity Theory
    -Databases and Knowledge Representation
    -Artificial Intelligence
    -Software Engineering
  • Proficiency in English
  • Applicants must be eligible for admission to one of the master’s programs in computer science at TU Wien that are taught in English. In 2017, applicants must be eligible for admission to currently Master in Logic & Computation and/or Business Informatics and/or Computational Logic for the duration of the recipient’s studies at TU Wien. (and/or Computer Engineering starting next year).

Application Procedure

Applications for funding can be filed before or in parallel with the admissions process, but the funding will only be awarded to students who have been unconditionally admitted to a master’s program. A conditional offer of funding does not automatically entitle the applicant to study at TU Wien.


Applicants are required to submit electronic application including the following documents to ta.sc-cigolnull@retsam until November 30, 2017.

Application Documents

  • Cover letter, stating the student’s intention to apply for the Helmut Veith Stipend, and other aspects the applicant deems relevant (extracurricual motivation)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Complete transcripts of bachelor’s course/other academic degrees
  • Diplomas and/or certificates (first degree, bachelor degree, or higher). In case the final certificates are not available yet, a preliminary cer¬tificate issued by the degree-awarding institution must be provided.
  • Contact details of two referees (for letters of recommendation)
  • English language certificate (TOEFL or similar)


Download the flyer in PDF.

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