ALGO 2017 Congress on Algorithms

This September, the premier annual gathering on algorithms in Europe took place in the science hub of central Europe – Vienna.

Congress Hosts

The ALGO 2017 congress was hosted by Algorithms and Complexity Group of the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology), organized in cooperation with the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA), and Zentrum für Informatikforschung (ZIF). The congress was sponsored by Google, Wolfgang Pauli Institute, and NETWORKS project as well as Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Conferences & Workshops

The congress this year combined the premier algorithmic conference ESA and a number of other specialized conferences and workshops (IPEC, WAOA, ALGOSENSORS, ATMOS, ALGOCLOUD), all related to algorithms and their applications.

Summer School

Following successes and interest in pre-congress events in the past, ALGO 2017 hosted also the Parameterized Complexity Summer School (PCSS), with a record number of more than 100 participating talents, covering some of the recent advances and applications of parameterized complexity in economics, logic, and artificial intelligence, aimed to attract broader band of researchers.


The full programme of ALGO 2017 here.

Social Media Wall

Social media wall with photos behnd the curtains by the participants available here.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery is published on Flickr. The official photography by Nadja Meister. The photos have been released under ALGO 2017 CC0 and CC BY 4.0. Click here for the full view.


Fighting the prejudices against algorithms and depicting the participants of #ALGO2017 as Jedi of algorithmic research is one of the chairs Stefan Szeider in his interviews for the and W24 (broadcast).

Magazine interview on (German). 4.9.2017. Algorithmen: “Es fehlt oft die menschliche Kontrolle”. (Algorithms: Most of the time they lack the human oversight).

Live broadcast interview for W24 (German). 14.9.2017.  Stefan Szeider zum Thema Algorithmen (2:17). (Stefan Szeider on the topic of algorithms).

One of the ALGO 2017 chairs, Robert Ganian.

ALGO and PCSS 2017 chairs: Sebastian Ordyniak, Martin Nöllenburg, Stefan Szeider, M. S. Ramanujan.

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