Sayan Mitra

Automating invariant and progress proofs for distributed systems

4th Austrian Computer Science Day

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms was proud to support the 4th Austrian Computer Science Day, which took place on October 15, 2015 in the famous Kuppelsaal of TU Wien.

Bertrand Meyer

A Theory of Programs

Miroslav Truszczynski

Abstract Perspectives on Modularity in Knowledge Representation

Call for the VCLA Student Awards 2015

Nomination deadline extended: November 22, 2015 (AoE)

Piero Bonatti

DL^N: a utilitarian nonmonotonic description logic

Alexey Ignatiev

Efficient Model Based Diagnosis with Maximum Satisfiability

Caterina Urban

Abstract Interpretation as Automated Deduction

Helmut Veith receives CAV Award

VCLA Co-Chair is one of the recipients of prestigious annual award

Sarah Kirchner

Appointment scheduling in hospitals – sequencing and scheduling using time aggregation