The LogicLounge as a modern philosophical symposium

The LogicLounge, a meeting place for friends of logic from science and public, was created during the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014, the largest conference in the history of logic research. All of its seven instances during the conference were very successful and inspired the LogicLounge initiators, Helmut Veith (TU Wien) and Oliver Lehmann (IST Austria), to continue the one-hour discussions with eminent scientists from the fields of logic, computer science and philosophy even after the Vienna Summer of Logic had ended.

Past LogicLounges

22/07/2016: Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University), Dan Falk
Will robots take away your jobs? (click here for details)
In memoriam Helmut Veith (organized by CAV2016)
Photos by Ilina Stoilkowska

IMG_20160722_174441501_HDR IMG_20160722_180130699


Discussion with Dan Falk and Moshe Vardi

07/03/2016: Cliff B. Jones (University of Newcastle), Tanja Traxler (Der Standard):
Formal Methods and the Vienna IBM Lab (click here for details and more photos)’
Photos by Nadja Meister

Logic Lounge_Cliff B Jones_by_Nadja Meister_IMG_0073

Georg Weissenbacher introducing the speaker and his IBM Lab colleagues

Logic Lounge_Cliff B Jones_by_Nadja Meister_IMG_0217

W. Pachl, E. Neuhold, V. Kudielka, C. Jones, G. Urschler, G. Chroust

Logic Lounge_Cliff B Jones_by_Nadja Meister_IMG_0112

Cliff B. Jones and Tanja Traxler discussing his work at the IBM Lab

30/06/2015: Dana S. Scott (Carnegie Mellon University), Irene Schreier Scott (Carnegie Mellon University), Tanja Traxler (Der Standard)
Photos by Nadja Meister

(c) Nadja Meister

H. Veith, T. Traxler, D. Scott

(c) Nadja Meister

Dana Scott

(c) Nadja Meister

T. Traxler, D. Scott., I. Scott

27/03/2015: Peter Norvig (Director of Research, Google Inc.), Gerhard Widmer (JKU Linz), Elke Ziegler (Ö1 Radio): How artificial is intelligence?
Photos by Nadja Meister

(c)Nadja Meister

G. Widmer, E. Ziegler, P. Norvig

(c) Nadja Meister

Elke Ziegler, Peter Norvig

(c) Nadja Meister

Gerhard Widmer, Elke Ziegler

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