LogicLounge with Cory Doctorow: Surveillance Capitalism ≠ Rogue Capitalism

DATE:Sunday, July 19, 2020
VENUE: Omni Hotel, 251 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Buying and selling our privacy has never been easier. With every voluntary step on the grid of digital infrastructure, we are producing value owned by big tech which is not been used only for advertising purposes. Even before the time the term “surveillance capitalism” was released in the circulation we have been witnessing the alliance of corporate and governmental interest in harvesting data. In this public LogicLounge, Cory Doctorow will deal with some of the most pressing concerns of our time:

How are the governments relying on the big tech to spy on us?

How is the monopolistic tech industry hindering the growth and innovation of the tech industry itself?

Why are we getting the bill for the bullet which is killing our privacy?

Admission free

Date: 19.7.2020

Time: tba

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About Cory Doctorow 

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction novelist, journalist and technology activist. He is a contributor to many magazines, websites and newspapers. He is a special consultant to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff.org), a non-profit civil liberties group that defends freedom in technology law, policy, standards and treaties. He holds an honorary doctorate in computer science from the Open University (UK), where he is a Visiting Professor; he is also a MIT Media Lab Research Affiliate and a Visiting Professor of Practice at the University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science. In 2007, he served as the Fulbright Chair at the Annenberg Center for Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California.

His novels have been translated into dozens of languages and are published by Tor Books, Head of Zeus (UK), Titan Books (UK) and HarperCollins (UK). He has won the Locus, Prometheus, Copper Cylinder, White Pine and Sunburst Awards, and been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula and British Science Fiction Awards.

He co-founded the open-source peer-to-peer software company OpenCola, and serves on the boards and advisory boards of the Participatory Culture Foundation, the Clarion Foundation, the Open Technology Fund and the Metabrainz Foundation.


The LogicLounge is hosted by the 32nd International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV) and organized by Aina Niemetz and Mathias Preiner of Stanford University in collaboration with the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms at TU Wien (VCLA).

About the LogicLounge series

The series of public lectures LogicLounge continues to bring together the general public and the experts from the fields of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Since its inception at the Vienna Summer of Logic in 2014 – the largest event in the history of logic – the series has since been traveling between Vienna and the venue of the CAV (International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification), where it has already become a regular event in honor of Prof. Helmut Veith (1971-2016).

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