Kurt Goedel’s Legacy: Does Future lie in the Past?

DATE:Thursday, July 25, 2019 – Saturday, July 27, 2019
VENUE:University of Vienna

The Kurt Goedel Society intends to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Goedel’s seminal publication and the 100th anniversary of the decisive experimental verification of general relativity by organizing an international conference Kurt Goedel’s Legacy: Does Future lie in the Past? The conference will take place between July 25-27, 2019 at University of Vienna. The VCLA is a proud co-organizer of this event, which should bring together the prominent researchers from the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence. The Kurt Gödel Society was founded in 1987 and is chartered in Vienna. It is an international organization for the promotion of research in the areas of Logic, Philosophy, History of Mathematics, above all in connection with the biography of Kurt Gödel, and in other areas to which Gödel made contributions, especially mathematics, physics, theology, philosophy and Leibniz studies.

Invited Speakers

  • Markus Aspelmeyer, Physics, University of Vienna (chair for Quantum Information on the Nanoscale)
  • John D.Barrow, Cosmology, theoretical physics and mathematics, Grasham College
  • Charles L. Bennett, winner of the Isaac Newton Medal  2017
  • David Bennett, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and University of Maryland 
  • George F.R. Ellis, Mathematics and complex systems, winner of the Templeton Prize in 2004
  • Juliet Floyd, Philosophy, Boston University
  • Georg Gottlob, Computer science, Oxford University and TU Wien
  • Jan von Plato, Logic, University of Helsinki
  • Wolfgang Schleich, Theoretical and quantum Physics, University of Ulm
  • Dana Scott, Logic, Honorary Chair of the Conference
  • Marika Taylor, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Southampton
  • Toby Walsh, Artificial Intelligence, UNSW
  • Rainer Weiss, Nobel laureate 
  • Palle Yourgrau, Philosophy, Brandeis University

More about the invited speakers here.

The program and registration


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