About VCLA

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) is an initiative of Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Located at the Faculty of Informatics, the Center is promoting international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms.

The main activities of VCLA are

  • the VCLA Workshop Series,
  • the VCLA Schools, a series of winter and summer schools, and
  • the VCLA Visiting Fellows Program.

The scientific program 2011-2018 is focusing on

  • Constraint Satisfaction
  • Verification of Hardware and Software, and
  • Knowledge Representation

VCLA is coordinated by a local board in collaboration with an international advisory board. The acting chair is Stefan Szeider. The founding of VCLA was made possible by a three-year competitive grant of Vienna University of Technology. The activities of VCLA are typically cofinanced by other grants and organizations. The Center will continue to be funded for another four years as a part of the Doctoral College Logical Methods in Computer Science (LogiCS).

The annual reports offer a detailed overview of all VCLA activities.