Video Competition: Algorithms in 60 Seconds

Can you imagine life without algorithms? Already thinking about the future? We are not able to put an age limit on playfully learning about algorithms and fostering computational thinking. However our video competition will need to. Read more on competition for middle and high school pupils Algorithms in 60 Seconds (German: Jugend-Wettbewerb Algorithmen in 60 Sekunden).

Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithm at TU Wien is exciting to announce this initiative to encourage computational thinking in a playful format. Video competition Algorithms in 6o seconds is an Austrian nationwide competition to engage not only teenagers, but also school children to reflect on the nature and application of algorithms that are shaping our world and the future of the digitalized society.

To enter, individuals or groups can submit a video (maximum 60 seconds long) in animated or live action technique trying to answer one or more of the proposed questions of the competition.

Remember, the video is to be in any language or not at all, and the more creative the better!

Video Competition for Pupils and High School Students

The page with all the information on the video competition Algorithms in 60 Seconds is in German language only. Visit the site: Jugend-Videowettbewerb Algorithmen in 60 Sekunden


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