Parameterized Complexity Summer School (PCSS)

Spend your summer at the 3rd Parameterized Complexity Summer School (PCSS) held in Vienna, Austria, from September 1 – 3. The school is pre-event of ALGO 2017.


The school is aimed at researchers of all levels* in parameterized complexity as well as researchers from other areas who are interested in applying parameterized techniques in their respective domains.

Featured speakers

  • Dániel Marx
    Parameterized Complexity Basics; Cuts in Graphs
  • Daniel Lokshtanov
    FPT techniques
  • Fedor Fomin
    Treewidth I & II
  • Michał Pilipczuk
    ETH and SETH Lower Bounds; Kernel lower bounds
  • Bart Jansen
    Kernelization basics
  • Neeldhara Misra
    Advanced kernels
  • Ramanujan M.S.
    Lossy Kernels
  • Fahad Panolan
    Representative Sets
  • Meirav Zehavi
    FPT in Computational Economics
  • Sebastian Siebertz
    FO model checking
  • Robert Ganian
    Parameterized Complexity of AI problems I
  • Sebastian Ordyniak
    Parameterized Complexity of AI problems II


Registration for the 3rd Parameterized Complexity Summer School (PCSS) will open in the beginning of June 2017. The registration for PCSS will be done through the registration platform of ALGO congress 2017. Follow the link to the registration.

More information

The Parameterized Complexity Summer School – PCSS


Photo credit: Sara Meister


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